Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jesus, Mithras and Horus

Q:  How does one reconcile the existence of Jesus with the preexisting myths of Mithras, Horus, etc., which predate Jesus by centuries and have some great similarities with that story? Why is Jesus the savior and not Mithras?

A:  Those preexisting myths bear no resemblance to the story of Jesus Christ. According to what read, Mithras was not born of a virgin in a cave. In fact, Mithras was born fully grown from solid rock; the event leaving a cavity behind. There was no mention of a virgin. He was helped out of the rock by shepherds, who offer him a pick from their flock. Persian Mithraic traditions recount his conception through the incestual relationship of the god Ahura-Mazda and his mother. And the earliest written records of this story, again from what I have read, post-date Christianity. The more I read about Mithras, the more surprised I am that anyone would link it to Christianity and Jesus Christ.  Horus is even more difficult to understand since there don't seem to be any parallels to the history of Jesus. Mithras and Horus are myths, and they are known to be myths. The story of Jesus has a thorough, verifiable, historical record.

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